Last Train Home

After almost two months of travelling between the sumptuous islands of Indonesia and the breathtaking South and North that make up New Zealand, I am back in the heat and throng that is India. This time starting in the East, Kolkata is our first stop. A typical major city in this land, it’s loud, busy, … More Last Train Home

The Untapped South

What do you expect from a holiday destination. Nice hotel, good weather, fun things to see or do with a beach to lay by perhaps. India is a totally different experience and may not tick your typical summer holiday boxes, instead is more likely to tick ones you didn’t even know were on the agenda. … More The Untapped South

Wow to Laos

My tour from Bangkok up to calm and green Chaing Mai, happened via a sleeper train. Very common in so many parts of the world not some much in the UK so, this was my first experience at overnight travelling by rail.  Not really knowing what to expect, I’m pleased that it was actually quite … More Wow to Laos

What the F

The F word it seems, is a bad one. What does it even mean, as a woman am I supposed to preach or just ignore like I do with parking permits? Feminism is the word I’m on about and it seems like everyone is suppose to have an opinion about it. But when did it become … More What the F