What the F

The F word it seems, is a bad one. What does it even mean, as a woman am I supposed to preach or just ignore like I do with parking permits?

Feminism is the word I’m on about and it seems like everyone is suppose to have an opinion about it. But when did it become about sides or being ‘pro’ or not for that matter. Feminism quite easily could also be termed Masculinism.

I’m not going to try and explain it or change opinions. What it really comes down to is being human.

I wanted to share something pretty amazing, about Lego who had it spot on in the 70’s. In their packaging they targeted parents, pledging them to encourage their children, sons and daughters to explore and be whoever they wanted. Play with Lego without limitations, expectations or judgement.

Really, its about freedom. Why not start with coloured blocks.

Lego letter

Lego Girl



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