Glamaroo Goes Places

The past 6 months have been somewhat tumultuous. A big family wedding, best friends moving away and the constant state of confusion quickly turning to resentment towards a job I was beginning to hate, all meant I was faced with some big questions. And of course all this meant I had no time to share anything here! Sorry about that.

Once the wedding cheer had died and friends were settled in their new jobs or homes on other sides of the world, I was left with the biggie I’d been trying to avoid. What to do about my job, why am I so unhappy and what can I do about it. Because it wasn’t just about the work, but that I was sick of spending so much time doing something I cared so little about. This dreaded feeling seeping into my social life was not something I wanted to continue enduring.

After speaking to a few people and joining free online advice from the likes of Escape the City and Career shifters, I realised almost every other person could relate to this feeling.

The thing that kept cropping up was what would I do if I had the choice and the same reoccurring theme would surface. Food. As it always has. Not just cooking and eating like anyone else with a mouth and Instagram account but learning about technique to make the most of an ingredient or how to prepare something to gain optimum flavour. And the one thing besides eating that goes hand in hand with food is travel. Conveniently it happens to be my second biggest passion.

Soon the biggie I had about work suddenly didn’t seem like such a dilemma. I quit my job as a media executive and have started a journey in South East Asia with the plan to work my way through some of the most delicious cuisines in the world.

Now that I can, I will document my experiences along with all the glamour that comes with a 66ml rucksack (6 weeks ago I had no idea what that meant) on my back. Starting in Bangkok, I am looking to visit about 8 countries and eating lots of yummy food!

Stay tuned it’s going to be a tantalising ride.



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