Beauty SOS

Like the next girl, I’m keen to know about the latest miracle cream or beauty must have. Im not one to follow trends religiously, but all ears about potentially improving my cosmetic situation for the long term. My skin is far from perfect and I spend more time trying to conceal the flaws than flaunt. Thing is, … More Beauty SOS

Mini-Man Got Style

In any other circumstance, I would  be dead against something like this. Hacking is naughty and generally illegal. But this little guy, known as MiniStyleHacker is quite possibly the cutest and most stylish adolescent I’ve seen. Ryker, who is about 4 years old, is styled by his creative mum who took to dressing her little boys … More Mini-Man Got Style

Clip of the Week

US hippy meets edgy fashion brand, Free People have shot a new mini film for their latest campaign with the ethereal (and my girl crush) Freida Pinto. Shot in all the colour glory and beauty of Rajasthan, its like a dream I might have had.

Cookie Curious

The web is a scary place. Cyber spies otherwise known as ‘Cookies’ (which to the otherwise naive/hungry is something best devoured with a glass of cold cow juice), follow you around invisibly on the web. Details you whack in the search or links that you click onto are recorded, aiding advertisers to target you. Kinda pervy, no? Notice the … More Cookie Curious

Lisa Does Bollywood

My make-up hero Lisa Eldridge recently posted a blog with a tutorial on a look inspired by Aishwariya Rai in 2002’s Devdas. Okay the model looks nothing like Aish, but Lisa does a fantastic job. She is brilliant with makeup, renowned in her own right and credited to have worked on some of the most … More Lisa Does Bollywood